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Kinky Chronicles
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2002-08-26 06:04:47 (UTC)

Just Writing

I'm bored.. Just waiting for someone to come online. I'm
only talking to one person right now. I'm telling Joel
about how I dropped out of school to work at Alcan full
time.. I wrote a couple novels.. write a column for the
Vancouver Sun..I've been driving to PG, Vancouver, and
Terrace in my Porsche 911 Turbo and my cute lil Jag..I
bought a nice house.. and I own an adult petting zoo (if ya
know what I mean) apparently I'm worth millions!! hahah it
was fun!! He didn't come up with anything interesting
though. Hmm.. why isn't anyone interesting on?? This is
getting dull very very quickly! So how's life for everyone
out there? Mine's getting interesting. I don't want to go
to school though.. only 8 more sleep-ins til school starts
again. I don't want to go back. Ahh well. I gtg. I've got
two more diaries to write in so that I stop getting those
emails reminding me to write. Later.