2002-08-26 05:39:54 (UTC)

shake your ass... watch yourself..

lol this is the funniest song ever.

im not in a very funny mood though.
yesterday was fucking great. i love being with him. and we
chilled for some time today too which was nice. found our
classroom buildings and stuf. i started talking too much
on the way home, i should watch that.
my roommates were in a really bad accident. and that
sucks. i like marcy a lot. the more i like her, the more
i hate sarah. cus shes SO nice. like a really good person.
anyway. i really wanted to see ashley tonight but things
came up with matt... and i couldnt get there... it sucked
but im trying to be really careful to not upset him.
im supposed to see caroline before i go into lexmark
tomorrow.. i fucking. im such an asshole. i did to her
what he did to me. i did to richard what he did to me.
but i think we might be okay. matt i mean. im really
scared. of course. but we're both trying a lot and things
are really good right now. i need to sleep theres too much
to think about for me and im tired.