Rebeccas Diary
2001-07-17 01:52:28 (UTC)

whats going on

ok well some weird tuff has been going on with ryan. ok
well first theres this girl throwng herself over the
counter at him and stuff and i was like frustrated case
that girl was pretty and thn i wait till shes gone so i can
talk to him so i go over and im like what flavors do you
havbe today, and im like hmm can i try the white
chedder and hes like sure and smiles and then he
goes but i gotta warn ya its a little stal and i try it and im
like ya, what about the other flavors and hes like "babe
its all stale can you come back tommorow?" and im
like, i dont think so and hes like please and im like
maybe and hes like you gotta promise me babe and
smiles at me and then im like i'll see. and then he
winks at me. and i like melt :-) ** sigh ** ok well i didnt
go back, you gotta keep em guessing, bui dont get it!!
GOD!! this makes like to sense is that chick his gf??
does he like, what does it all mean! YUCK! i have an
urge to throw myself of a bridge! ok bye!

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