Ruby Red

The Truth About Perfection
2001-07-17 01:51:05 (UTC)

#1 - the beginning of the truth

I should probably start out by telling about myself. I
live in a middle sized town in the suburbs of Minneapolis.
I am going to be a sophomore in high school and am
considered perfect. Why? Because I get straight A's and
am a cheerleader. Well, honestly that is about the only
perfect thing about me. I don't like how I look. I never
get guys because they are intimidated by my so
called "brains" and I yearn to be popular. Let me tell a
little about my friends. I am changing their names just in

Cassie - She is my best friend. We have known eachother
since I was six months old. We haven't always been
friends, but we always got along. She is very up and
down. Today is a down day and like usual she seems to hate
me. I used to be able to tell her everything, but lately
she doesn't tell me very much and we don't communicate very
well. She and I both like this guy named John. I am
awesome friends with him but you know, sometimes want him
as more. She does too. She went out with him a while ago
and we both liked him at one point. She really bugs me
somedays but she is so like me that it's scary.

John - I just met him this year and he is the funniest,
sweetest, and most annoying guy I know. I used to like him
and a part of me still does because I was going to the
homecoming dance with him but Cassie and Diana were jealous so
I told him I couldn't and I somewhat regret it but we've
been great friends. He made out with some girl named Brett since he
got his license and I was so jealous because I thought he liked me.
But i figure we are better off being friends because we both are more
comfortable. I can tell him anything, well almost. Except how I
feel about him some days because that he can't know. He and I get
along better than Cassie and I do.

I need to take a break so I will write later!