Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-01-15 09:11:31 (UTC)

Hey, Well I m here again...


Well I'm here again. Maonday morning. Had an ok weekend I
mostly worked, no, infact all I did was work. I couldn't
even make time to go on a bike ride (Part of my new "I'm
guna get back to size 10 and be fit" regime!)
Thanks for the feedback I had, but whoever it was who was
telling me "big is beautiful" you didn't leave your name so
I couldn't reply. Maybe you did that on purpose... anyway,
having gotten down to a size 10 before and loving being
skinny and having pulling loads, I wana be that size again!
Chris rang me yesterday. He told me that apparently a
company is buying out challaborough, so it won't be owned
by Haven any more, which means he may not work there... I'm
a bit upset, but maybe it's for the best, it could just be
fates way of saying we're not supposed to be together...
My old school friend lousie came into the shop I work in
this weekend, we hasd a long chat. Me and her used to be
best friends, but a girl sort of came between us. Anyway,
it seems that her and this girl aren't getting on too well.
It's my works christmas meal Friday (yes, I know it's after
christmas, just don't ask!) Anyway, it should be fun. After
we've had the meal me and some friends are going to the
pub. I'm determined to look nice and pull. Can I be a size
10 by Friday? It's mission impossible folks...


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