No One
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2002-08-26 03:08:33 (UTC)


Dude i just found out that apparently the band is inviting
a whole shit load of people...wtf?? dude this party is
turning out to be a disaster waiting to happen. I think
they think its a concert or something..but hello its my and
carolines birthday party..as in me and caroline. i just
dont get it. i mean i totally dont mind if they each bring
one friend. no big deal. but telling everyone and thier
dog. now im in trouble. i might have to cancel the whole
party. i already cancelled arcata and outbreak.things are
not going good right now obviously, i just found out that
my brother had to skip town, hes in alot of trouble
apparently. who knows. i just kmow that i wanted to have a
really cool party and it turns out i may not have one at
all. this is lovely. i dont know what the fuck to do now.
and i swear mike and the guys will get mad at me or
something. o well i need to go listen to some slipknot. be
back later.*hugs*

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