In Gods hands
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2002-08-26 02:49:48 (UTC)

God, Dance, Matt, sick

Many things have happened in the last week so I'l tell just
a little about each of the most important.
Monday- At school, in chapel God told me that I shouldnt
be hanging around with Matt Tompson unless he's prepared to
set his life straight which he obviously isnt at the moment.
Wednesday- I do worklinks atthe church.. anyway.. while i
was there Jason took me into Pastor Mark's ofice and
explained that the unforgivable sin which I have committed
has been forgiven because of Jesus so I'm not going to
Wednesday night I had dance practice at the church on stage
it was the first full dress rehersal.
Friday- At school in chapel, one of the 4 guys from a
traveling preeching group pretty much confirmed what God
had said on Monday. At night I had dance practice, I ran
off stage to vomit once.
Saturday- After dinner at Joels house Joel and I were
argueing with Matt T on the net because matt was trying to
deny that he has been sexually abusing me for the past 2
Sunday- At night church we had the Italian feast which was
a big function and I had to perform. In our last rehersal I
ran off stage to vomit. After the actual performance I went
into the bathroom becaus eI was sick and I was really
really burning up so I went outside under cover too cool
off which was rteally good because aparently everyone with
me was freezing because it was raining but I was too hot
from burning up.

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