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2002-08-26 02:27:20 (UTC)


me and sarah went walking around for about 2 hours and 30
minutes. it's super hot outside so we were all sweaty. she
was stinky. but i wasn't. so yay! we picked up a roll of
pics of mine and then went to starbucks and chilled in the
air conditioning. we stayed there for a while. then we went
to the pet store and contemplated buying all sorts of
rodents and fish and lizards. hehehee. then we went to the
diamond shamrock and got some water. the guy at the counter
was cool. he was funny and stuff. oh yeah, at the pet
store, i found a yo-yo with the batman sign on it. so me
and sarah took it (since it had obviously been abandoned)
and we decided we're gunna give it to our batman (his birth
cirtificate says his name is Adam tho. hehe) and after
getting water, we went to visit jakie. she's moving on
saturday to virginia. she's going to college at mary
baldwin or something like that. i'm gunna miss her. :(
we stayed there for a long while. oh yeah, on the way there
we ran into a lil turd from the bus. he was riding his
bike. just another reminder that people exist outside of
school. lol. then we were on the way to adam's house to
give him the yo-yo and we were already 30 minutes late to
be home. we didn't care though....and sarah's mom pulled up
beside us while we were walkin. we were like "uh-oh" haha.
her mom was stressed out about us being so late and decided
to go look for us. and so she gave me a ride home. that was
my day. nice eh? i think so. :)

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