The Dairy of me, Lindsey
2001-07-17 00:37:05 (UTC)


My friend, Aaron, the guy i have had a crush on for about a
year. And has mono, well the doctors don't know if he has
mono. My friend, Joe, said that the test came back wrong
and so they are doing lots of blood tests on Aaron. They
said his white blood cell counts when down so they are
testing him for luekemia. Which scares me a lot. B/C
about 3 years ago, my brother was diagnosed w/ cancer and
it was a really tough time for me b/c he almost died and i
don't want that to happen w/ Aaron b/c i know i wouldn't be
able to handle that.
I visited him in the hospital today, and he didn't look
so good. He was really out of it and the doctors had him
on morphine which i know they don't give to people with
mono, they don't put people w/ mono in the hospital, so i'm
really, really, really worried about him. I pray he gets
better and soon. I'm hoping that it is just a bad case of
mono and he'll be fine in a couple weeks. But i'm kinda
afraid that it's not just mono and he won't get better,
what if he dies? I don't know what i would do. He is a
really good friend, i don't think i could take losing him.
Ugh! i can't believe this is happening to me. Why is it
happening to him, he doesn't deserve this, he's a good
kid. Why? Why? Why?

What should i do, if anyone reads this. TELL ME!

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