Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-08-26 01:11:18 (UTC)

Lux Et Umbra, Sed Semper Amor


I am feeling weird, in the last two weeks alone, I have had
3 women, a grrl, a young woman and a femme, give me
compliments. Really nice, exciting, wonderful compliments..


I am slightly depressed, apathetic, and feeling very
pessimistic. I know I shouldn't but I do. The more I think
about shit, the more I think I am going down the path of
ruin again...


Tomorrow is the day when all becomes clear, my course of
action, my destiny, my desires, they shall come to pass, or
not, and I will, I hope, be of sound mind to carry them

Always Love...

Where shall I find it? I have known it, and I still feel
it, for those whom I have burned, and been set aflame with
and for. Still I seek it, and mayhaps, when I least expect
it, it shall find me, and I shall be left, unwanting for
naught else...