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The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2002-08-26 00:25:33 (UTC)

Catching Up

Hello to anyone that reads this.
I'm writing this to basically catch up with what's been
going on.
This Month comes to a close and I have to say that as a
whole I'm ready. I have only two things left to do now,
and the poetry shall be finished.
The first is a cover. It's the only major thing left
over. I think I have something in mind, so hopefully in
about two weeks or so I'll have a cover.
beyond that, it's just money. I have added two final
poems, ironically I thank Creed for the inspiration. "Is
This The End?" and "To Whom It May Concern" are the final
two poems in the collection. That makes an even 90. Which
isn't bad. "Is This The End?" in particular is a very
strong poem, one of the strongest I have ever done.
Next month I start doing readings. I'll give dates in the
news section when they happen.
That's about it. I just wanted to make this update and
hopefully next time I can talk about some other aspects of
the collection.
The Mad Scientist.

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