Vanessa Jo

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2001-07-17 00:09:22 (UTC)


Ok, I'm just about too lazy to write in this thing, but I
guess it's time for an update. Since I wrote the last
entry, I talked to David on the phone and he told his
sister that I'm awkward and I took that to mean that he
doesn't even care to get to know me. Oh well, I'm trying
to forget about him anyways since he's been gone for a week.
Saturday, I went to a festival in my town and swimming
with my cousins. Later that night, I went to the bowling
alley with them and saw this guy who likes me. He's 20,
and I don't trust him. In case you don't remember, I'm
16! My mom thinks he's a trouble maker because she knows
his older brother who is her age, 39. He's nothing like
his brother like she thinks, but she hates for me to even
talk to him. Well, Saturday I spent about 2 hours with him
and we were flirting a lot and stuff like that. It was no
big deal, but my two cousins were there and the problem is
is that if they tell my little sister, she will tell my
mom. So now I have to keep my cousins quiet and one of
them is only 9 and thinks he just has to go around and tell
everyone his big secret. I haven't really thought about
going out with this guy, but I do like him. I don't think
it would be worth it to go out with him because I'd be
sneaking around constantly and that would be hard work
since he's such good friends with my family. Well, that's
a boring topic that has been going through my head since
Saturday. I really want to see him again soon.. probably
will this weekend. I don't know, I'm an idiot.

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