2001-07-17 00:01:07 (UTC)



dear diary,

we went to soak city last saturday, july 14,2001. it was
really fun. there were lots of cute guys and the water was
great. nothing can go wrong except that jovi and don went
somewhere without letting us know where, and my dad got mad
and everything just went wrong.

anyway, i loved it there. the waves on the pool was great,
the guys were everywhere, and it was the filipino family
day. but the program was boring. the singers were lousy, and
they don't allow food inside, so we have to go out and get
back in again after eating. other than that everything was

by the way, rommel's coming on friday, july 20, 2001. well,
i am kinda excited coz i never really was close to him. and
were going to magic mountain because of him coming. i just
hope that thay change the schedule from 21 to 28 so i can
come. i really wanna go. it's a once in a lifetime chance
and we're gonna be with everyone.

i hate going to work. oh yeah, i'm going again tomorrow to
meet with that asshole boss of mine. i hope that they can
find a second assistant soon so i can go and get rid of this
feeling of always being stupid.

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