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2002-08-25 21:58:13 (UTC)

my weekend

uhh friday i went to school. den right after went to
volleyball practice. den went home got ready and went to da
red and white game. chilled wit everyone. zane whuz hittin'
on me a lot. and so i told him to go to da dance dat nite
cuz i whuz goin'. he'z like i dont think i can. and i saw
josh and justen der. oh and dustin beeman had lindsey ask
me out. uhh NO. and so newayz after dat i went to da dance.
and no one whuz der at first. den sum people started
cummin'. and den guess wut. zane came. im like u came!! and
hez like just for u. aww how sweet. but i aint even gonna
trip over zane. cuz zane is wit neone and everyone. he
tellz me he wouldnt be if he whuz wit me. and im like uhhh
ok. and den he'z like u gotta trust me. and im like lemme
think bout it. and so dat whuz dat. and da dance whuz kool.
den uhh saturday i went minature golfing wit jennifer,
mandy, stephanie, mark, eric, and derek. it whuz kool. i
dont kno y i went golfing but..? newayz i aint ne good at
it so i just kinda hit da ball once and den pushed it in
wit me foot and yelled hole in one! haha silly me. uhh
today i didnt do much. just sat round slept and watched a
movie. but den it put me to sleep. so lotz of sleepin'
haha. today whuz useless. oh well. life is still GRRRREAT!

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