the daily life of a dork
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2002-08-25 19:49:35 (UTC)

sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart..... ( ; _ ; )

I don't get it. why is it that whenever my family goes out
or anything there is always a fight before it. We tried to
go to church this morning but it ended up being another day
with my mom yelling at my sister cuz she is a big brat. I
hate it how every time we go anywhere that brat has to ask
everyone what she should wear and to do her hair and all
this shiet. the thing is when you do pick out something for
her to wear she hella complains when you get there. I mean
what the hell does she gotta look nice for newayz. we are
going to church for heaven's sakes. and she just gotta go
and stress out my mom so all she do is yell all the time.
i just said that if we were all just going to be fighting
all the time that i didnt want to go to the whole family
trip thing on labor day weekend. and mai mom hella went
into lecture mode. i was on the phone with amerae too at
the same time and she heard all of it. i had to ask my mom
if i could leave and go to my room. when i got to my room
i hella cried. if i am such a big nuisance maybe i should
just disappear. sometimes i wish that would happen then i
wouldnt be a problem for everybody since all i do is just
stress everybody out with my stupid problems and how dumb i
am. is everything i do just asking if i can go places and
getting stuff for myself? maybe im just a selfish bastard
who doesn't deserve to live. it would be better off if i
never was here. at least thats what it seems like when my
mom talks to me lately. that's probably why i want to be
out sometimes just to get away from everything and maybe
for a lil while it will all dissappear. then i go back home
and then its fighting again. i know im not innocent of
anything im part of the blame too. all i do is argue with
my sister and i guess i never listen. i wish there was
someone i could talk to but i guess all i have is fluffy.
i hope fluffy doesnt die, then i would have nobody. i think
im gonna go and just sit and think now.

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