Sammy's Life
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2002-08-25 17:33:59 (UTC)

Back to School

Well, tomorrow is the first day of my senior year and I
never been soo excited! I can't wait to see my friends
again and also a few hotties ;-)
Yesterday I went to my cousin's baby shower and it made
me a little sad because time flies by sooo fast and people
change for the worst. My dad's phsyco wife was there and
she didnt say one word to me so I didnt say one word to
her...I HATE her! She is probably pissed that I didn't go
to her and my dad's wedding but I'm sorry I don't approve
and it's not like my dad gives a rat's ass about me anyway.
I really really hope that this year is better than
last. It isnt like I had a bad time last year, but I was
just soo shy and I didnt go for the things I wanted to and
I didnt get to know the people who I wanted to. Well I am
going to try my hardest to talk to people I really want to
get to know better *cough* Eric *cough* haha. Okay I am
outty, I have to go get some shtuff around. TATA [email protected]