Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-16 21:37:20 (UTC)

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Okay so my title/subject/rejecto thingamagigy (you kno that
thing that kinda tells you what I am goin to talk
about) ... has NOTHING to do with anything I am goin to
talk about. No this is far worse for me. MY FAMILY IS
FALLING APART!!!!!!!!! I mean my mom is a nervous reck my
sister is 24 and thinks she owns every god-forsaken thing.
My brother is 14 (goin onto 15) and thinks he is a messiah
(well actually he doesn't I just thought that was a kewl
word) but he thinks he can get away with EVERYTHING! My mom
is still raising these two AND taking care of my 84 year
old grandfather. Both my parents are currently goin through
a lousy seperation and they both are hoping to get this
divorce thing over with. My two older brothers are already
out of the house and tooo far away to help my mom out
everyday. And Me ...... I am sittin here soaking all this
in and NOBODY has a clue how all this is effecting me. NO
ONE!!! My brothers friends even give my mom a hard time.
Scott is one of them and he is a no-good-dumbass-flucker
who doesnt' give a shnit and still insists that he WANTS to
live in this house. (By the way I am at my moms right now
and will be at my dads later). Other then that I feel like
I want to break down and cry but I can't cus then my
parents might think I need therapy and shnit and trust me I
dont ever want to see one of them people again. Once was
enough and the person didnt' even say anything and hardly
ever listened. So instead I feel like I want to yell till
my lungs explode. I really do. I just want to get soooo far
away from here. Just me. Just to get away from my family. I
can't deal with it anymore. I just can't. I kno not
everyone has this what you call ......"perfect family life"
but mine is screwed over. Right now both my 24 year old
sister and my 14 year old brother are giving my mom
the "silent treatment". They never clean the damn house it
is always a mess. And when they are told to clean it, they
throw a fit. This morning I finished cleaning my dads house
and I called my mom to pick me up so that I could get away
from being in a house and what do you kno I come here and
end up cleaning this one too. Dishes everywhere, clothes
all over the place, soda cans everywhere you turn. And that
isn't even it ..... I walked into the kitchen and an even
bigger mess in there. Then the poor dog hasn't been fed in
about two days cus they dont give a flying fluck about it.
And since I knew they weren't goin to get up from
their "beauty rest" I cleaned it myself. I wasn't about to
just sit my lazy-good-for-nothing-assests on the couch to
watch something on the el television for el peoples to see.
So I decided to do my mom a favor. You kno my brother and
sister really kno how to push my buttons. And they just
have. You kno ..... I could go on forever ..... but it is
not like you really care how my life is. I kno most people
just read other things for entertainment. I dont expect you
to feel my pain ..... I dont expect you to relate. Hell you
might be sittin there laughing your head off and I really
dont care cus if I was reading I might end up with some
laughter yet a complete different feeling as well. O
well .... not like I will ever know how you look at my
entries. Well .... for now .......... till
later ........... yeap.................