random mumblings
2002-08-25 16:30:35 (UTC)

jason and susan's wedding

just got back from jason and susan's wedding in perth...i
really enjoyed myself. i stayed at the perth manor
(http://www.perthmanor.com and the actual room i stayed in
was http://www.perthmanor.com/wilson.html) it was
fabulous...i love living like rich people :) the bathroom
was about the same size as my apartment. it was run by 2
flaming gay guys, but other than that it was cool ;) a
little pricy ($110 tax) and of course my credit card
didn't go through, because i forgot about the tax and had
about $115 left on my credit card...oh well. drove up
with marc and manon...he totally loves her. marc's great
and she seems to be a lot of fun. this room was totally
too nice for me...just immaculate. and apparently it was
supposed to be for the mother of the bride, but i called
in before her. she commented at least once or twice that
i stole her room ;) i offered to buy her a coffee to make
up for it, but she didn't. met marshall's *very* pregnant
girlfriend, can't remember her name but she was very,
very, very quiet. the ceremony was small but very nice.
the ceremony, dinner, etc. were all at the perth manor,
which was very convenient for me (because i was staying
there) but just a fabulous idea altogether. if i ever get
married i'm doing it that way. i've been to weddings
where the wedding is at 4 and then the dinner is at 6 and
you have to wait around for 2 hours in between. this way
was much more convenient for everybody. very small
wedding, about 60 people, no single women there. the old
ladies had a good time with me though...one lady and her
husband were in the adjoining room to me so we shared a
bathroom, so she was going around telling everybody that i
was the young man she was sharing a room with ;) the
breakfast left a little to be desired (scrambled eggs and
bacon) but other than that the fags did pretty well for
themselves ;) i drank more than my one glass of wine
limit and as a result i have a little bit of a headache
this morning. they looked very happy and their son "mad
dog" carter was just adorable. he was about 3 and i'd
love to have a kid at that age, after all the diapers,
crying, etc. :) kirk and armando are playing at a chess
tournament this weekend...i wonder how they're doing.
well i got to get ready for work...later

Song of the day : Spiderman theme song, there was a guy
sitting outside the CIBC in perth singing a
horrible "barenaked ladies" version of the spiderman tv
show theme song

spiderman, spiderman
does whatever a spider can
spins a web, any size
catches thieves just like flies
look out! here comes the spiderman!

is he strong? listen bud
he's got radioactive blood
can he swing from a thread?
take a look overhead
hey there, there goes the spiderman

in the chill of the night
at the scene of the crime
like a streak of light
he arrives just in time

spiderman, spiderman
friendly neighborhood spiderman
wealth and fame, he's ignored
action is his reward

to him, life is a great big bang up
wherever there's a hang up
you'll find the spiderman!

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