Dark Secrets
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2002-08-25 11:06:44 (UTC)

my emotional abuser

I dun believe in internet romance anymore...
It is so tough, so hard, hard on my soul, hard and painful
for my heart, it is torturing my mind, not only that, u
hurt me like hell, u cut me, u slash me, stab me hard...u
are my emotional abuser. I felt like u hit me, i felt like
u drag me through the journey, i felt u knock me out...

Things u say hurt like hell, u are unfeeling, u are unkind,
u are cruel. U are unreasonable, everyone says u are beyond
hope. or is our relationship beyond hope. should i give up
one day? when will i? when will i wait until? when...? is
it eternity?

who noes what im talking abt? many dun...
when will i finally find the courage.
when will i be awaken.
why is it like a dream....why am i dragging on? why am i
getting all hurt, dirty and look down upon. where is my
pride...where is love for myself. y do u let pple shout at
u , use abusing words, why do u let them look down on u, y
dun u retaliate. many pple are hurt by relationships in
this world...what else can i say?

why am i ready to recieve his next hurting msg?? when are u
ready to click recieve...
the time when u are ready it is when u have lose hope on
him, it is when u noe u cannot rely on him anymore, it is
when u noe he isnt worth loving, it is when u noe the cruel
fact that he doesnt care for u...HE DOESNT CARE FOR U, the
U, he doesnt care for u, he doesnt care abt u, he doesnt,
he doesnt, he doesnt, he doesnt, he doesnt care for u, he
isnt in love with u, he doesnt noe how to love u, he doesnt
noe how it is like to be in ur position, will u forgive
him? No...dun.....dun forgive him, he will never learn,
leave him alone, he will never learn no matter what, lose
hope on him......he doesnt need love, he doesnt need anyone
to love him, including u, he doesnt need ur love, he doesnt
need to love u, he doesnt need u, he is by himiself, he
love himself, he love his life, he doesnt need anything
except his own.........
he doesnt give a damn abt u, he is asking u to stand
alone....thats the truth..he is asking u to leave, he is
asking u to leave....leavveeeee....
he is asking u to go away to lead the way u want ur life to
be...he isnt in control, he doesnt give a damn...
Girl! in life, we have to face the cruel fact and truth of
pple's behaviour always, there is no exception. they are
selfish, they are unfeeling, they think only for
themselves, u cannot put ur life in others hands....because
they dun have time for u.
are u ready to recieve his msg?
dun cry girl, its the fact. he doesnt love u anymorre..or
has never.....
he dun. let me tell u, before u recieve his msg, he will
say things to hurt u like..." SO, i like it, dun u be a
busybody, u are damn irritating u noe, i dun want so what?
u helped me so what? u are tired, so? u are hurt, then?
fuck!, irritating, stupid" these are the words, that is
do u understand? those who do, leave me a msg. thx

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