My diary
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2002-08-25 10:30:07 (UTC)


This entry is gonna b all bout Jake.

He is so gorgeous. He stands at about 5"7 and he has the
most piercing blue eyes. His blonde hair is sorta spikey
and sorta long and he has the cutest little freckles!!
He wears converse low cuts and normally some ripped cut
offs, a cool tee and his beads. Arggh!! I want him!!!


For those of u that read the last entry nothing else
happened and now he's going out with one of the bitches who
rip the piss out of me. He doesn't even ring me anymore and
I feel as though our friendship is over cuz he doesnt sit
next to me at the park, he won't let me buy him a drink, he
won't even help me with my art. For gods sake!! Sadie is a
slut and she wears adidas!! Why is he going out with her???
What about the thing in the field??


I have a date on saturday and I'm really nervous, I decided
if I can't have jake, I'll have someone else. Fred is
perfect, he likes the same musik, wears nearly the same
clothes as me but he's not as perfect as jake. I've got to
get over him sometime and its better to do it this way.

Later cowards!

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