Alice Sycamore

my stars
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2002-08-25 09:00:29 (UTC)

Why I'm smiling...

He's gonna marry me someday. I didn't really think that
true love would find me, well I hoped it did, dreamed it
did, but I had doubt. So why didn't I run away when such a
boy confessed words of forever to me? Because they were
what I'd always dreamed of. Words that I could hear and
return a thousand times over. And after such a short while.
Hah! I guess I can best justify myself by words from the
song "hold me thrill me kiss me": " 'they told me be
sensible with your new love, dont be fooled thinking this is
the last youll find' but they never stood in the dark with
you love, when you take me in your arms and drive me slowly
out of my mind"
So there it is. I always knew there was something about
him, I just didn't realize it would be so good. I can't
even stand in a kitchen with him without thinking of sharing
one with him, one we could call "our kitchen". I can
finally spell out the words to a song I have been waiting
all my life to spell out "at last... my love has come
along... my lonely days are over... and life is like a
song..... at last... the skies above are blue... my heart
was wrapped in clover... the night i looked at you"
So to all the dreamers/doubters out there, never fear. That
one person in your life is out there, waiting for the
perfect moment to come find you. I am eternally grateful to
the stars above that my dreams came true. I await the day
to hear when all other's come true as well.