Kick my dead body...
2001-07-16 20:14:06 (UTC)


i'm just testing out all kinds of diffrent online
diaries...rite now, i like opendiary.com best...

heres all my other diaries just in case u wanna read them
which i doubt...

teenopendiary.com: little apple grrl
opendiary.com: punkass pixie
diaryland.com: evilpixierot
live-journal.com: punkassPixie

i have alots of diaries, but most of my friends know about
them, so i can't really write very personal things in there
when i know they'll read it..i don't mind people i don't
know reading it, but i don't feel so comfortable with my
friends going through my diary..so i want one that they
don't know about where i can tell it as it is..

i love diaries...but i wanna try them all and see which
ones i like best...well i mite write more in here
sometime..buh bye