No One
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2002-08-25 07:42:23 (UTC)

The Show..

yea tonight was the show at the vets hall.......it was
FUCKIN AWESOME MAN! it was soo fun. I still think that
shattered screams was by far the best..but whatever. things
went well...stephen and caroline made up..david talked with
me and hung out with us. Codi and Stephen are really sweet.
Me and caroline were freezing to death so stephen let
caroline wear his E.B.H.C sweatshirt so then stephen went
and founf codi and codi let me borrow his. thank god i
thought my arms were like frozen. dude me and caroline met
this really creepy guy in the park...i swear he was so
fucking strung out, he like let caroline wear his shirt and
stuff and he wanted us to go to the gas station with
him..he was just nasty..so we escaped and met david and
walked with him and returned the shirt. yea i havent eaten
all day..i only drank a super large caramel frappachino..i
am so wired..with super bad headache..and yet im so fucking
tired. well im going to go ill write with all the details
tomorrow. *hugs*