the daily life of a dork
2002-08-25 06:49:54 (UTC)

today i watched a koo movie

i was hecka bored today. mai dad and mai sis got to go to
the footsteps in china summer camp today that my karate
teacher holds every year. too bad i had to miss it on
account of my hyperextended arm and because i went last
year so my parents didnt let me this year. looks like it
was pretty fun and my sister learned this kata thing that
looks cool. i can do it a lil juss a lil practice and i can
do it too. haha me and my dad and my sister were playing in
the living room and doing martial arts stuff we saw in the
movies and trying the acrobatics stuff. it was pretty fun.
haha mai dad looka lika monkey when he tried to somersault
backwards. then he tried the monkey rolls thingie forward
and he looked hella funny. then i tried to teach him how
to kip up and he fell on his butt. hehe mai daddy ish
fonnie. mai mom has been spending all day on her report for
her master's stuff. so i was pretty much alone today.
reminded me of the summer and how i spent it by myself
watching movies and playing ddr. i even got werid
flashbacks when i walked into the hall in my pajamas. ray
called today and things are pretty much straightened out i
guess. i was a lil upset yesterday with the whole yuri
trippin me out about how i am the one who always has to ask
him to go places. i guess i cant really do nething about
that because i mean he is busy and he has a life too so he
cant always hang out whenever i want to. i guess i just
really wanted to hang out this weekend because im going to
be gone the next weekend and that is pretty much the only
time that i actually get to see him is on the weekends.
newayz we both said sorrie to each other so i hope things r
ok now.
oh yeah the movie i watched it was pretty good. it was
called the duel and its by the same guy to made storm
riders. ekin cheung is in it and he is this guy named
snow. and he has to battle a guy named yip to see who is
the master of the sword. at the same time agent dragon 9
is trying to find out the identity of the ghost king who is
responsible for the murders of various clansmen. the ghost
king kills without shedding a single drop of blood. its
hecka weird people all just dead and there is no wounds or
nething. newayz all the people in the town are betting on
who will win the duel between yip and snow. its agent9's
job to choose eight people who can witness the duel.
meanwhile yip falls in love with the princess who is sister
to the emperor. while he secretly tries to gain the throne
because he is the illegitamate child of the former
emperor. snow falls in love with one of the disciples of a
clansman after defeating him in battle and saving her life.
its the same girl that is his girlfriend in the other movie
too. newayz snow and yip battle it out in the end to see
who is the true god of the sword. and ima tired now so ima
get mai sleep. (~_~)zZzzZzz


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