True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2002-08-25 06:17:36 (UTC)

2 more days

2 more days till san diego and 10 till school starts. I
have my wishes for san diego, like I'll meet some cute guy
and we'll hit it off or something, but first and foremost
I'd hope for fun. When school starts all my signs
(horroscopes) point to "it'll be fun" "play the right moves
and you'll be set socially for the rest of the school
year". You know, stuff like that. But I have my doubts,
mostly because I haven't seen/talked to most of my friends
all summer. Not a WHOLE LOT can change over the course of
3 months, can it? Boy, I hope not, cuz I would be totally
screwed. Well, maybe not completely. Mental note: cup is
half full, not half empty.
I have found myself more...open to the idea of sex. The
more I think about it or see it on tv the more appealing it
seems to me. Strange? I hope not, teens go through this
all the time. (I hope) but, i suppose I can't stop my
rageing hormones. I have one of two options: give into them
or surpress them. Either way I have nothing to lose, well
sort of.
But life is a game of give and take so I shouldn't be
worried. I should embrace it and take it for all it's