the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-16 19:23:08 (UTC)

he called ... now what ?



after the last time i talked to "him" i did not think i
would ever talk to him again .. i was wrong .. i was soo
worng and it was the kinda wrong that makes u soo happy to
be wrong .. he called ! yeah at 1:30 my time 2:30 his
time .. :) and he woke me up .. I was so glad to hear his
voice .. I really was . to my suprise I had not said
anything wrong he has just been really busy . Ne ways .. so
I am wondering if anything will come outta of us .. I am
hopeing it does .. i wonder how we will over coe the
distance between us.. I am going away fr college this I
know .. and maybe i will go up there and make the space a
little less .. I am soo happy around him .. usually I am
soo grummpy in the morning and when he called this morning
its like I can not be unhappy and when he tells me the bad
things that have gone on in his life i want to fix them and
make it all better . I don't wanna come off as wired
obsessed chic ..b/c i am not ! I promise .. ne ways I don't
have much to say i am still not feeling good so i am outta