OhBaby It Is Me

2002-08-25 05:12:36 (UTC)

Missing is it?

Whatever it is that is missing I'm going to find it
and then I'm going to put it in a plastic bag and label it
the key to happiness. Stephanie thinks that it's me
hoeing around and not acting like I want a commitment, so
that's all over and now it's all just down to him. I'm
ready for it to just be him or nothing. I'm gonna throw it
all in right now and I'm gonna just jump in head first.
I'm throwing caution to the wind like I said to Stephanie
tonight when we were talking about all this. We were
talking in sign language and there were these two kids
sitting down the table from us and the one was all watching
us and I thought it was so funny. Alright, well this
subject will have to come to an end.......