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2002-08-25 04:02:41 (UTC)

messy pee?

dont ask,

anyhow, this has been a long weekend.
it started off alright, i wrote a letter to the fuckwit.
gave it to him and heard nothing til this afternoon.

other then that not much has happened, i went to chool and
did my fin aid. it went alright, i think.

and the powwow had a party....very interestin night which
included mud wrestling, fun shots, table dancing, moonlight
interludes between certain people and me shooting the
fuckwit dirty looks, Dear Goddess i cant take the crap

the letter was basically my way of closure. trying to tell
him how i felt, why ive been angry etc.
of course he didnt get it... at all.

which lead me to be more upset.
oh well, its all over now. tim is out of my life and i
think im better for it. no more wondering/worrying/long or
anything of that other shit that goes with it.

today i am free
today i start to live.