the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-25 03:07:19 (UTC)

saturday at the fair

so tonight i worked from 3-9:30 with a half an hour break.
i made $70 it was fun. chepy was hilarious. he was
singing "u r so bueatiful to me"lol with a helium voicelol
i must have beeen beat red. and omg gaveb the dude next
door i dont mean to be mean but hes kinda ugly and he
asked for my number and i gave it to him and like what if
he cals omg omg omg it would be horible i know he will.i
will be nice but i dont know hes kinda life
is so complicated. chepy didnt ask for my nomber but i
didnt talk alot to him either im too gosh darn shy it bugs
me so much and sometimes i try to talk and i sound so
friecken stupid.

well i guess thats all