a little piece of me
2002-08-25 02:37:45 (UTC)

i can finally spill!

ok, so i just have to write that turtle and i are engaged.
he proposed to me on the 12th, but didn't want me to tell
anyone until he got me a ring. he said he felt like a
cheap bastard (he's soooooo not) and he was ashamed for me
to not have a ring on my finger when i told people. well,
he gave me the ring today. he was so cute about it, too!
he came to hobby lobby to get me so i could take him to
work. i was excited as usual to see him. nothing seemed
outa the ordinary. we went out to the car, and i hopped
into the driver's seat (i drive faster, so i usually drive
when i take him to work). i started to pull out of the
parking lot, and he goes 'i just can't take it anymore' and
handed me the box. it was so beautiful! it's silver with
a big diamond in the middle, and three successively smaller
ones on each side. i slammed on the breaks and leaned over
and threw my arms around him. he just laughed. said it
was burning a whole in his pocket and he just couldn't wait
to give it to me. lol, he's such a doll! he kept asking
if i liked it, and i was sitting there trying not to bawl.
it's the prettiest ring i've ever seen. god i love that

so, tonight i'm going to stay up all night and clean and do
chores and stuff so that i can go to sleep with him
tomorrow. i don't have to work, and there's nothing to do
with him sleeping all day, so i'm just gonna sleep with
him. besides, i love curling up in bed with him. he
always puts his arm under my head, and whenever i roll over
or he does, he always kisses me or tells me he loves me.
it's so cute. i miss him so much, and it's only been three
hours since i've seen him! how pathetic!

anyway, we've already decided on a wedding date. we're
getting married next halloween. that gives us over a year
to save up for the honeymoon. my parents said they'd pay
for wedding if we did a traditional one, so that's pretty
cool. i think my dad was really glad to hear that we're
engaged. it doesn't make it as hard on him (oh well). as
long as they pay, i'm happy! just gives turtle and i more
money for the fun stuff hehe. we're going to go to new
orleans again. he loved that really nice hotel down in the
french quarter we stayed at the last night there with my
mom. he wants to go down there again. i think it will be
so much fun. there's tons to do down there, and so much
still to see. maybe we'll even be able to afford to fly
down there, instead of driving. who knows.

well, i guess that's about it. i was just so excited, and
i couldn't wait to tell the world that the man of my dreams
asked me to marry him! he's the best thing that ever
happened to me, and i don't know what i would do without


ps--i'll talk to you soon heather!!