Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-08-25 01:39:15 (UTC)

I Finally Made it!

I'm all set up in my dorm now here in Nawlin's. It's a BIT
smaller than the rooms they showed us during the tour, but
I've made the best with what I've been given. There's only
one problem. The place where i'm supposed to plug the TV
up for cable is on my Roommate's side. He hasn't checked
in yet, so, I can't do nuffin' with it. The TV's too big
to fit in the space that they've given me for it anyways.
UGH!!!!!!!!! I didn't eat anything from 9 am til, now it's
8:12 PM. I'm DIZZY :S.....and I'm tired. I need a nap. I
need a hug too. I miss Matt. On our way down we drove
REALLY close to where Matt Lives, but we had to make a turn
off so, we started heading away...but it was CLOSE! If it
was just me, I would've stopped by Matt's house, hugged and
kissed for a while, maybe molested him and then passed out,
and showed up here at Nawlins on Sunday. Thas what my
roommate's doin'. He's drunk passed out somewhere....and
I's here lonely....I just want to know WHO THE FAWK IT
IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
and I want some food too. I could go out, but I'm too lazy
and tired to do all that. I haven't slept in two days. I'm
Shaking a little bit....See why I need a hug :'(? I need
to find someone here with a car....cuz......this
whole "pedestrian" thing gets old FAST! I don't remember
the last time I HAD to walk to get sumfin'. I had to walk
to the Pharmacy to get a phone cord, I did get a few
extras, but thas cuz I can't shop with out makin' a few
impulse purchases. I'm soooooooooo terrible with money. I
think I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and go get something to
eat.....cuz I'm starvin'. They have a rec room in this
building. I think I'm gonna walk around and take a look.
It's been nice ramballing on to you guys, this is VERY
LIGHTENING;) oh.......I saw Lightening strike Matt.....and
I couldn't think of anything else but you. *kisses for my

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