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2001-07-16 17:31:47 (UTC)

i think i have an idea. okay...

i think i have an idea.
recently ive been getting really upset about some things.
like REALLY upset. and thats not healthy. so...from now on.
if something is making me mad. like...amber or sergio or
whatever. right. im going to just ignore it! =) and not
call or talk to them or anything. and it wont get "rid" of
the problem. but it will get me out of the situation. and i
need to remind myself to reevaluate things. i always hold
on too long to things...people etc. yes. reTHINK ashley.
yes. you dont need people that dont make you happy. ut uh.
okay. BYE STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!! hehe!! fuck you! and have a
wonderful beautiful fake stupid life!! =) =) =)

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