U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-07-16 17:27:58 (UTC)

convo with shelly about camp

Skydanc881: hey
Shelly2022: hey
Skydanc881: I got ur e-mail
Skydanc881: I replied
Skydanc881: what have other people been saying
Shelly2022: k ill go read it
Shelly2022: i dunno i havnt read any of the answers
Skydanc881: ohh
Skydanc881: I wanna know what everyone said
Shelly2022: im reading urs
Skydanc881: cool
Shelly2022: i'll send u whos winning for everything in
a min
Skydanc881: k
Skydanc881: did jaime and steven win cutest couple
Shelly2022: yea!
Skydanc881: send me the resluts
Shelly2022: im trying to get them
Skydanc881: k
Skydanc881: r u almost done, I wanna see what everyone
Shelly2022: im only on number 9!!
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: u have like 10 left

Skydanc881: lol
Skydanc881: I better get most outgoing
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: !!!
Skydanc881: i miss brian
Shelly2022: awwww
Skydanc881: I told marissa to make sure no one touches
Skydanc881: or pierre
Shelly2022: haha!
Skydanc881: he's at camp now
Skydanc881: probaly really bored
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: I wanna visit like next week
Skydanc881: like on friday
Shelly2022: fridays dont hav any classes
Skydanc881: ohh yeah
Skydanc881: well then thursday
Skydanc881: I'm gonna jump on brian wheni visit
Shelly2022: lol!
Shelly2022: i sent the stuf to u
Shelly2022: we hav to visit on the same day!
Skydanc881: lol
Skydanc881: I'm the funnyiest person?
Shelly2022: thats what ppl voted for!
Skydanc881: I forgot about liza's eyes, thogug, she
deffinately had them
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: and I was liek the only girl who didnt'
like ryan
Skydanc881: dammit
Skydanc881: he's not hot
Shelly2022: haha
Skydanc881: how could he win cutest
Shelly2022: he was cute
Skydanc881: no he wasn't
Skydanc881: I really didn't see what all the talk was
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: wat number r u on?
Skydanc881: one sec let me see
Shelly2022: k
Skydanc881: dammit y did he get best smile
Skydanc881: HE"S NOT HOTT
Shelly2022: i liked his smile
Skydanc881: Ididn;t
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: so who did u like at camp??
Skydanc881: hello brian and pierre
Skydanc881: wh odid u like
Shelly2022: thats noooot a counsler!
Skydanc881: no one
Shelly2022: i didnt relly like him but if i had to
pick someone then Ryan
Skydanc881: u ever even see me flirt with any camper
Skydanc881: HELL NO
Skydanc881: brian said I was the other big flirt
besides jaime
Shelly2022: lol u hav a point
Shelly2022: haha!
Shelly2022: only with him!!!
Skydanc881: thats what he said
Skydanc881: he's like u flirt with pierre and I
Skydanc881: Iwas like so
Shelly2022: haha
Shelly2022: what'd he say to that one?
Skydanc881: he just laughed and said come here
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: and we went out in the hallway and talked
about nothing
Skydanc881: it was during rehersals
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: so when ever he yelled at u and sed "in
the hall now" it was just to talk?
Skydanc881: yeah becuz rehersal was really boring
Shelly2022: thats awesome!
Skydanc881: he did that everyday

Skydanc881: and no one ever caught on
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: i no
Shelly2022: i never did
Skydanc881: I hope I was his fave camper
Skydanc881: lol
Shelly2022: u were!
Shelly2022: hello

Skydanc881: hehe , why do u think that
Shelly2022: hello!
Skydanc881: no I wanna hear u say it
Shelly2022: u know u were
Shelly2022: he was always flirting with u and always
around u
Skydanc881: YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelly2022: haha!
Shelly2022: i guess thats what u wanted to hear
Skydanc881: basicly
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: I was always in ur class
Skydanc881: remember
Shelly2022: in tech?
Skydanc881: he would be like get out now
Skydanc881: yeah
Shelly2022: yep!
Shelly2022: i remember
Skydanc881: then I would go in there and like cuss at
Shelly2022: haha
Skydanc881: he let me do what ever the hell I wanted
Shelly2022: yea i know!
Shelly2022: u were so lucky
Skydanc881: hehehehe
Skydanc881: pays to flirt with counslers
Skydanc881: I always do that
Skydanc881: at what ever camp I go to
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: yep it does
Skydanc881: pierre was the same way with me
Skydanc881: I would be like u suck ass , adn he would
Skydanc881: wouldn't*
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: pierre was so quit thu
Shelly2022: quiet
Skydanc881: yeah, he would sometimes be loud around me
Skydanc881: sam has pics of him hugging me
Shelly2022: serisouly??
Skydanc881: ohh yeah
Shelly2022: haha
Skydanc881: my frined at away camp, I'm reading the e-
m,ails i sent her every day about brian
Shelly2022: lol!
Shelly2022: send me one
Skydanc881: there are like 20
Skydanc881: on sed
Skydanc881: sec*
Shelly2022: k
Skydanc881: there are too many
Skydanc881: like it;s what happend that day
Shelly2022: u can just send me ur favorite
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: like every hug and thing they said is
writtain in total detail
Shelly2022: lol
Shelly2022: dag
Skydanc881: it's alot
Shelly2022: lol
Skydanc881: I can't even believe I wrote them
Shelly2022: me either!!
Skydanc881: i'm such a loser

Shelly2022: i wont comment on that one
Skydanc881: shutup
Shelly2022: hehe
Skydanc881: u should add to the thing each counslers
fave camper
Shelly2022: yes u were!
Shelly2022: what?
Skydanc881: liek after biggetest flirt
Skydanc881: biggest flirt with counlers
Skydanc881: HEH ME
Shelly2022: haha!
Skydanc881: and counslers fave camper
Skydanc881: like mollys fave
Skydanc881: and brads
Shelly2022: molly didnt hav a fave
Skydanc881: she was a bitch
Shelly2022: the only one that had a fav was Brian!
Skydanc881: aaron

Skydanc881: she liked him alo
Skydanc881: alot*
Shelly2022: what was up with him and rosie?
Skydanc881: they secretly liked each other I think
Shelly2022: yea
Shelly2022: cuz he was always all over her
Shelly2022: and they only hung out with each other ya
Skydanc881: yeah
Skydanc881: brian used to always tease rosie abotu
likeing aaron
Shelly2022: haha
Shelly2022: whatd rosie say?
Skydanc881: she's like shut up
Shelly2022: haha
Skydanc881: like she wasn't really even denying it
Shelly2022: ya i know!
Shelly2022: she liked him
Skydanc881: I know

Skydanc881: but anyway I gtg ttyl lyly
Skydanc881: add my catogories
Shelly2022: k lyl i will byebye

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