No One
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2002-08-24 23:01:35 (UTC)

Buuuuuuuzy buuuuuuzy day...

Yea well this morning me and caroline "hit the sack" at
around 4:30..then got up at 10..went online and talked to
everyone while we waited for mike..mr.sleepyhead to wake
up. so then we found out that now they are just going to
practice here..they should be here in like half hour or
something. who knows. then we are taking thier equiptment
in my truck. Me and caroline have been really busy all
day..getting ready..arguing with people...dealing with mean
people :::coughcoughSTEPHANcoughcough::: i dont know where
he gets off being a meaniehead to her. oh well she can do
better anyways. oh yea and like 4 of my cousins and my aunt
and uncle are here right now..its like a damn madhouse..and
i talked to the drummer from arcada today..and thier
friends band Outbreak is gonna play now...so now we have 3
bands it should be cool though. Alright well im going to go
now ill write tonight after the show..hopefully i will have
good news...WOW i just saw manson and eminem on tv next to
each other..hoooly shit lol.