My Confessions
2002-08-24 22:43:06 (UTC)

The fucked up Plan

Dear Diary,

Okay, so this is what went down. Thursday night, Jay (who
was helping us with the plan) invited Christian over to his
house. Then Collete and i were supposed to stop by just to
say hi. Except that Collete was dressed like me, and I was
overboard dressed like her. I mean I had a really short
skirt, heels, tight white halter top with no bra, the whole
thing. IT was going perfectly. So we stop by and and
Collete (who was pretending to be me) was casually flirting
with Christian (which was ok b/c she had my permission in
order for it to work, so no i wasn't jealous) and I just
kinda watched it with Jay in the kitchen. So then Cole
makes up some sort of excuse and says that she has to go
over to Alyssa's b/c she is having a girl emergency or
something about how ben and her got in a fight, so she
leaves. And then it's just me "collete" jay and Christian.
So then I suggest to jay that he invite a girl over to sort
of even the odds and so sam comes over (also in on it) [it
was a very elaborate plan = ) ] So then when sam comes
over her and jay go outside and its just me and christian.
So i did what my sister would do with a guy in that
situation and i start flirting with him like crazy. i mean
I sat down on his lap and started running my fingers
through his hair. At first he's like "I don't think we
should do this, it's not fair to Julie" and i was like
YAAAAAY, but I said, "don't worry, she won't find out this
time, i promise." and then he's like "yeah, but jay will
tell her if he catches us, he's sprung off her and trust me
he's willing to do anything to see us split up." and I was
like WHAT?! so i said, "Come on, don't worry about him, we
could have fun together." and then he's like "what kind of
fun?" so now I'm a little mad but keep going to see if he
takes the bait and i'm like, "Well, I could put your cock
in my mouth, if you wanted." and he sorta gives me this
sheepish smile and says, "why would you want to do that if
i'm with your sister?" and even though he's still giving me
this weird smile, i was really happy cuz he wasn't taking
the bait. So I started to say something, but his hand
starts sliding up my skirt! I mean one minute he's telling
me he's with "juliet" and the very next second I'm
squirming all over the place because I'm trapped in his lap
and he's already pushed my underwear to the side! So i try to stand
up and he sorta pulls me back down and starts trying to kiss me and
he says, "Why don't you come over to my house and we could
fuck really quick?" So I did what any other girl would have
done....I socked him in the face! It felt really good to
hit him, but then he threw me off him and I landed on the
floor and I screamed cuz I thought he was gonna hit me back
and then he sorta grabs my hair and yanks it away from my
face and says, "Collete?" and I shake my head trying to hit
his hand away cuz he's pulling my hair really hard and he's
like "Juliet?" And I'm like "that's right asshole!" and I
try to kick him and he pulls my hair harder so I scream
again, and then the next thing I know Jay is on top of him
on the other side of the coffee table and the two of them
are going at it. I mean they were hitting eachother so
hard! And sam sorta rushes to me and starts trying to fix
my hair and is like 'r u okay?' and then we both try to
pull Jay off of christian, and finally he lets up and
Christian gives me this pissed off look and then leaves
with blood dripping down his face. It was really nasty
So then Sam tries to lighten the mood and she's
like "I'm guessing the plan didn't work so well?" and I'm
like "not exactly, he tried to finger me and told me we
should go to his house to have sex!" and then sam sorta
hugs me and then she takes me back to my house and gets me
cleaned up and i told her exactly what happened, and
Collete comes in, and so I told her and she comes over and
hugs me and tells me she's really sorry. It was horrible.
I hate being pitied! I mean it was bad enough realizing
that my "boyfriend" was just a horny asshole, but then to
have everyone all "i'm sorry" it just made me feel ten
million times worse.


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