Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-16 17:04:18 (UTC)

No More Lemon Drops...I Swear It!

No more lemon drops...i swear to myself...those are so
gross!!! I told myself that at my brother, tony's,
wedding...but i still insisted to do one saturday night.
Blek. Anyhoo...

Today is Monday...and that means i made it through my
last monday of class. Im so proud of myself!! Im sitting
here listening to "Time To Get Ill" by the Beastie Boys. Im
just thinking at i only have 4 DAYS LEFT!!! I get to go
home friday, im so excited!!! I've yet to start packing
though...i know i'll be kicking myself in the ass when it
comes time where i am shoving everything in boxes and bags
in an awful messy way! And i love to pack things nicely. OH
WELL!! It's all going in the laundry anyhoo...and the food
is being pitched if we all dont finish it off. Plus, i dont
have much anyways...just some soup and fruit cans. Friday
night is going to be fun when i get home. Lisa and I have
been planning it already! We already have our outfits!!!
Shes going to wear her new leopard print dress and my
leopard print shoes. Im going to wear my new outfit i
bought from old navy. A purple sarong, which is light
purple and a dark at the bottom, my light purple tank top,
and my purple sandals. It's so CUTE!! We are playing
mission homecoming date for me. We're going to go out to
dinner and such...pick me up a boy. I'm going boy shopping.
Watch out boys...here i come!!! We discussed mission
homecoming date already. Her mission is Kevin. I KNOW
she'll get him. ***Aww im listening to Night Swimming by
REM...thats the song the brides maids and groom party
walked down the aisle to.*** ANyhoo...sooo its my turn. I
dont think im going to try to go for matt anymore. I dont
think it will work...i dont think he would ever fall for me
ever...or again. I guess it happens. You cant have
everything. OH WELL...so friday is boy shopping. Haha. I
love how we refer it to "boy shopping". So...here i
sit...this song makes me wanna cry! But i guess im going to
go now. I need to take a nap before i go to the gym and
workout to my perfect man in the red shirt who's there.
hehe. I'll take him home with me. Sounds good. Haha. Anyhoo
kids...wish me luck friday...just wish me luck for finding
a boy!! This is so funny, its like fight club...Project
Homecoming Date...

First rule about Project Homecoming Date is we do NOT talk
about Project Homecoming Date.

Hehe...ok Im a nerd...haha. WISH ME LUCK WITH MY FINAL ON