coley's thoughs
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2001-07-16 16:59:30 (UTC)

new diary ;D

well my "thoughts" page was a little unorganized so i
decided to go to something a little more umm
profesional ;]. but anyway.. loast night wasnt a very good
night ;[ me and mark are fighting really bad.. i got
accused once again of cheating... you know maybe its my own
falt for being so faithful ; grr but you know what its
sickning and this just gets old... so maybe it better if we
just dont talk for awhile... maybe he will realise how
stupid he is being.. and then again maybe he wont who
knows... im not going to let it get to me anymore cause im
not doing anything wrong, so oh well right... but anyway
its really nice out today so maybe i should get out of the
house my tan is starting to fade anyway... i should go find
a new job and call school... i gotttd do something with
myself, im starting to get depressed... well anyway im
outta here ;] ill be back tomorrow

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