Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-24 21:43:35 (UTC)

only in dreams

hello all. its ben coming to you for the first time in our
little diary. ive read how everybody has written in here
so far..sometimes more than once a day. to tell you the
truth i bet soon we will only update this thing like once
a month or something.. you know.. like how you play with
your new toy all the time for like a week and then you
forget about it. anyway.

last night i had the most vivid dream i can ever remember
having. we were at cornerstone..but it was a little
different. we were staying at my parents house. and we
could look out my window and see the main stage. so i was
walking down the hall and michael jackson was playing. it
was like the biggest show there of course. but i went on
down to my room and we had band practice before we were
gonna play the next day.

after pracitce..christina aguilera was walked in. she was
wearing jeans and a really tight brown shirt. she didnt
have on alot of makeup but she looked perfect nonetheless.
i just walked over to this futon thing and layed down
beside her and we talked for like an hour. we talked about
lots of things. i asked her if she was able to just wear
whatever she wanted to when she played or did her stylist
have to pick it out. and we talked about her family about
pink and how she gets lonely someitmes on the road and all
that. then we were talking about how she was the perfect
girl for me because she is really small and blonde and she
can sing and she has ok music taste. it was like heaven.
just when it was getting good.. joel called and woke me
up. that sucked.