Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-08-24 21:23:08 (UTC)

Nothing New

On Tuesday morning, me and Brandon broke up. I'm kinda
relieved. It kinda let me sigh again. He was really
arrogant towards me and now he's rubbing it in that he's
interested in someone else. Me and Tiffeny got into it
again over dissecting a cat fer Bio 2. Ya know,there is
nothing about me that girl likes. so, why even bother? I
think me, erica, anthony,and mike are going out tonight. I
hope so. I think it'll be hella fun if we do. I went to go
see Toby Keith last night. That was fun. My throat hurt
this morning though because i think that i yelled a little
too much. Well, i'm gonna go fix my hair...bye

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