The land of unknown
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2001-07-16 16:33:09 (UTC)


well, i finally got in to the damn house!!! ok, that was a
few days ago, but i didn't have internet untill the 14. but
of course my parents wanted to drag me all over. but i
can finally write another fuk'd entry!!! well, as soon as i
could i sent e-mail out to all my friends saying i was
back. ok, it was a little stranger then that. and i got
some e-mails from a few people. my dear friends Kitty
(love u! ^__^), Lyz (that goes for u too), and Pablo. here i
am on the 16 and no e-mails from anyone else except
Amanda!! thank u. screw every one else! i even went
online during prime time online hours and there was
NO ONE!!! 7:34 pm. every one's usually at that time, but
there was no one. and to say again that i have only
recieved e-mails from a few people. i don't get it. but
living out here doesn't look to be quite as bad as i
thought. there's a whole shopping center only about a 2
minutes walk from my house. and my room is BIG. i
have my bed (of course), the computer, all my guitar
stuff, including both of guitars and keybaord. and the
thing is, i found one of my Guitar Legends magazines
and noticed that it had the tabs for 'Cemetary Gates' by
Pantera. and i love that song. so i sat down and within
about 10 minutes i had learned the first riff. don't start
thinking i'm slow because it took me 10 minutes. this is
Pantera, not any Linkin Park or something, that would
only take maybe 5 to learn the whole song. sorry Lyz, i
know u like 'em and all. and that reminds me. i saw the
e-mail she sent me, saying that she had her own
account on here. and i was reading it and she said so
many nice things about me i could cry. hehehe. but
thanks for all the nice things u said. u'r a wonderful,
awsome person and i'm glad u'r my friend. it most
certainly made my day when i got my computer and
saw all the e-mails u sent while i was moving. sorry to
get so sappy on all u poor readers. but speaking of
e-mails, u'd be surprised the amount of junk-mail i got.
i had 22 unread messages and 4 in bulkmail. i only
had 6 or 7 real e-mails and the rest was junk. oh well.
hmmmmm............. maybe this is enough. oh yea,
before i forget, read Lyz's die-ary at PsychoLyz. and of
course it's on my-diary. it's where my stuff's at. and
thank u to any reader who actually sat and read all this.