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2002-08-24 20:34:44 (UTC)


WOW!! i started school! I'm a freshman... It isn't so bad i
suppose. My PE teacher is a perve and hit me in the ass
with a tennis racket.. and we have these PE uniforms that
like reveal like nothing sexy at all.. my PE uniform is 2
sizes to big for me.. so its more like a dress.. and i only
roll up my shorts one time b/c like it just above my
knees.. or else it bugs me. anyways.. yea.. i was totally
creeped out when it happened.. because it was the first day
of it. well.. i have a lot more time with him... and i'm
curious what's going to happen... yea know?? but oh well. I
absolutely love high school its a challenge that I LOVE. so
many cool guys.. and i have a crush!! :)! he's such a
cutie!! and!! there's this boy that might be homosexual and
i really want to get to know him!! he's my hero!! he's
totally THE coolest guy i've ever been lucky enough to
meet!! i want him to be my best friend! Anyways... i'm
still keeping in contact with people from my old school...
mostly girls though.. because i don't have like the
slightest interest in the guys in my old class. they are
just so.. bleh.. and boring! so i tend to ignore them if i
hear them trying to talk to me haha! they haven't seem to
change a bit.. they are still a group of immature morons
that i went to school with for 8 years and last saw 2
months ago. I didn't miss them. I only missed the guys who
are going to different schools.. who I'm closer with. :)
But the guy who is going to a diff. school that's from my
OLd school invited me to his first dance! so i'm so hyped
about that! :)! but other than thatttt... i guess nothing
really exciting is happening.. MY school's first dance is
coming up... in less than a month.. so i'm excited about
that!! ;P! My new favorite bands is now WEEZER and
DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL! I'm in love with them after i saw
them in concert. They are so awesome and gnarly!! Rivers
from Weezer is so hot.. i'm in love with that sexy penguin!
and Chris from D/C is really hot too!! their music is so
awesome!! i love it!! I've also been into like Incubus
lately.. and a lil bit of New Found Glory. Tom DeLonge from
Blink 182.. he had a baby!! Ava!! that's really cool.. but
really sad.. He's like a dad now!! He won't want to go on
tour as much anymore.. and he's.. well.. a DAD!! Blink used
to be my fave band.. but.. they've turned so pop!! it kills
me!! and my Punk Rock Princess heart!! i love that song..
Punk Rock Princess!! its so good.. anyways!! i better be
going.. my cell phone is charged and i want to call people
and go shopping!! bye bye! I hope you have a wonderful
day.. and good karma to you!