Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-16 16:32:01 (UTC)


10am - Who invented Mondays anyways? They must be the most boring
day of the week. Monday is supposed to be the day you go
back to work for the week, but it's my day off. But no
one's home, ever! So I indulge myself with about 5 vids
(they're starting to know me at Blockbuster; note to self-
find new video store) and just chill. I want to do
something today. I'm supposed to go to the beach with Di,
but those plans almost always fall through. We shall see.
I am listening to my Doors CD, I love it love it love it!

I shall now start my daily Sex and the City Quote... merely
for my own enjoyment. I get off on this stuff, just let me
have my moment, lol.

Daily SATC quote : "Girls, I am not Tampax central. Put on
lists: Buy tampons."- Carrie

(I'm obsessed! Oh no...)

4PM- I'm so FUCKING bored, i'm going out of my mind! My brother took
my car, his broke down, no one's home, no one's online, and i've
watched tv for the last 5 hours. Also finished off that graduation
cake. haha. I want to go to the gym, but I hate being carted around
by my mum, i'll just wait til I get my car at 6. I'm antsy.
ARGHHHH!!! It's days like these when I appreciate having a car, I can
just go drive off whenever I please.

5PM- Rachel kind of saved me! Now she is about to hang up b/c I used
the phrase "kind of." I take it back. She completely saved me from my
boredom by calling. (In reply to your dream comment, No we didn't.
Um. No we really didn't.) I don't know my own fucking cell phone
number. Everyone asks me for it and I am like I don't know, hoe. So
I don't, so stop asking. I look slightly pathetic with this whole
once an hour entry deal...I am done....

9PM- Just went to the gym. Still bored. ARRRRRGHH!!!

11:30- Okay. I am going to go call Rachel back and then go to bed. I
want this boredom to end....it'll probably end with insomnia
though... Tomorrow is go-blow-all-of-my-hard-earned-money-at-the-mall
day.... since new clothes are the solution to lifes problems, right?