as the Oval turns
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2001-07-16 16:23:56 (UTC)

The Game

Song of the Season - Gunning Down Romance - Savage Garden

Today I was waiting for the bus after taking my history
midterm, and I observed a good share of romantic
couples, and it made me think about the Game.
Basically, most of dating is a game, I'd call it more like
a joke. I mean, think about it..."If you look cute, I'll like
you," "If you dress a certain way, I'll give you the time of
day," "If you catch my eye you'll catch my heart." And
people do this shallow crap and have the nerve to
complain when they get exactly what they've asked
for?!? It's a bunch of foolishness. It's jacked up when
you decide whether someone is dateworthy when you
first look at them. I think that my main grievance (for the
lack of a better word) with Pacey and most other dudes
I've dealt with is that from jump my role was defined.
It's like he looked at me and put me in a category before
even bothering to get to know me, then after that
deciding whether or not I'd be his type. Excuse my
language, but that's bullshit. And then he wonders why
he has bad luck with the females...hmmmm...I guess I
can see if you're trying to hook up w/someone so you
can sleep w/them, but the problem is that I seem to see
just as much of this w/Christian men who aren't
supposed to be having sex before marriage anyways!!
So what's your excuse? You'd like someone just to
look at? If you want to look at something watch TV or go
to a museum. The Game is dumb, senseless and a waste of
my time. Screw the Game!!!!

Yesterday I talked to Jenna on the phone, and she was saying
that it sounded like I had animosity towards Pacey. I would
disagree. I've got nothin' but love for Pacey, nothin' but love. But
I'm not going to lie and say that he's a saint, either. He's
egotistical, extremely shallow, insincere, and very indecisive. So
why should I be all in like with him? Jenna was like b/c of the
history. Oh, sweet history...

I may be going to Cedar Point w/Pacey and some other folks next
month. Oh joy, going up so I can see Pacey trying to mack w/
each and every Giggly Chick. Well, that actually might be kind of
funny. It reminds me of a vision I had last year in which Pacey
was trying to talk to some Asian girl I didn't recognize, and he
asked me to tell this girl how great he was so she would hook
up with him. I'm telling ya...if he does that in real life I'll tell the
girl, alright...I wish Pacey would even dare to ask me to do some
crap like that...