A Princess
2001-07-16 16:17:27 (UTC)


THE FACULTY! Its our skool play thinger, cant say Ive ever
watched it though :( I wanna be the preppy one, shes a
bitch and head cheerleader, me all over ;) Gotta audition
though and this girl was supposed to audition for the
teacher and she changed her mind and wants to be the same as
me, well and theres the rest of the skool so I wont be
getting that part,lol...One problem, the snogging scenes
weve gotta :( If I get to be the one I want, I have to kiss
this geek :( but if im the other 1 I gotta kiss this guy,
poor chris :( Cant tell me not to tho cos hes not here,lol
hes a bit of a hottie though, a year younger but still, wish
my baby was here...GRRR we were talking bout who we'd snog
today, they picked carly :( Na shes sooooo pretty but lil
tim said hed pick me, aw cutie, hes so sweet, hes gonna be a
real hottie when hes older...Got told I look like Lisa
Snowdon again,lol...I dontttt they insist I do but hey if
they wanna get me confised for a super model go ahead :)
Well gotta go practise my kissing scenes with some1...n e
volunteers? lol
Love ya'z