Reality Bites
2002-08-24 18:44:17 (UTC)

16 hours of sleep

I was hella tired from the sleepover yesterday and in the
worst mood ever. I got 2 hours sleep. When we all woke up,
the football players were there going to practice so I saw
Luke. I looked like shit, although everyone kept telling me
how good I looked. What are these people on! I hadnt slept,
showered, or put any makeup on and they're telling me i
look pretty?! Wierdos. I talked to Luke for awhile and then
his friends got their so he hung out with them and I hung
out with Michelle and Chloe. I finally got to leave at 1,
and I almost fell asleep driving home which wasn't good.
When I got home I watched a movie then Luke called and we
talked for an hour or so. Then I talked to Rob and some of
my family came over for dinner at my house. I fell asleep
at 5 amidst all the chaos at my house and when I woke up it
was 4am and I was still on the couch and everyone was gone.
That's a wierd feeling. I went and got some water and then
went to bed in my own bed. I slept until 10. I feel so much
better now. I was so tired I became the biggest bitch to

Today I'm gonna try for 500 calories and see if that'll get
a few more pounds off b4 school.