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2001-07-16 16:07:38 (UTC)


It was a pretty normal weekend for me, as far as they
usually go.
I saw final fantasy, the spirits within..looked great,
story was ok..Oh yeah, that was on my date with my "gf"??
Would i really call her my gf or is she just someone i'm
seeing? At this point, i'd say we were just seeing each
I don't think i'm ready to call her my gf yet
Things between us don't really feel that comfortable, maybe
its because she wants me to be all clingy and i'm not like
I don't like calling people 10 times a day and hanging out
wiht them every single minute, NOT anymore at least.
Took her home early, around midnight and went out with my
own frenz for a few drinks. Seems like i'll need them to
continue going out with her.
Saturday i was out with my frenz, having drinks. She was
across the road by coincidence with her frenz. So i walked
over there, cuz she wouldn't walk over to see me, and hung
out with her till she had to go home.
Then back to my frenz for MORE drinks.
The next day she calls me up and complains why i didn't
offer to drive her home! I DIDN'T even drive stupid!!! else
i woulda offered.
I notice i'm starting to get very defensive abt everything
she's accusing me of.
Sunday i told her i was going out with my cousin, cuz she
probably wouldn't like me telling her i was going out with
this girl i know.
This girl had the exact same problems, the bad thing is,
its so much nicer going out with her then it is with
the "gf"
what to do now?