Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-08-24 09:47:19 (UTC)


Last night, I saw Slipknot, and Corey gave my friend Darryl
a drum stick(Joeys) and umm...there were 7 of us, and
Sharron asked COREY TAYLOR from Slipknot for drumsticks!!!
Umm...I'd not dare. He was quite polite about it, too....

Then GnR were great. Wooh! I love Robin Finck. They got to
play hour? Or maybe half longer than thy were set
to, because some kind person let them.

The prodigy was great.
The Offspring were good.
Dillinger excape plan SUCKED. Don't ever go see them!
NoFX were ok. I never really liked them, but they're a fun
Puddle of mudd, uhmm....the singer just sang his songs.
Every other band had some kind of interaction with the crowd

Casy Caos was excelent!! I have the hugest crush on him,
and he came soooo near.

Incubus. I don't really listen to them, was a
little boring.