Jena's Rants
2001-07-16 12:58:18 (UTC)

You are getting very very sleepy, your eyes are so very heavy,

I just hypnotized myself.
This has been the most
wonderful weekend in like
forever. Hoppy and I have
had a kickass time. He
is such a sweetie. Went
to Jersey's house for that
party on Saturday. It was
so fun. Maryjane and Sangria
helped. I am peeved that I
missed France and his NEW GF.
Oh well! Funfilled weekend
with MAD activity, if you know
what I mean - you don't know
what I mean? Geezey pete's,
you want me to explain it to
you?! Geesh, well I dunno,
my head hurts from hitting
the wall - do you get me now?
NO!!!?? Okay, uh......later
Hoppy and I will have to get
the knots out of the sheets.
What, you still don't understand???!!!
Okay, okay - here you go, fine,
I had my brains fucked out repeatedly
all weekend! Happy? No!? It
was the best sex I have ever had, how
'bout that? No,....well you are just
going to have to deal with it then
b/c I don't feel like lying in my
journal nor do I want to disclose anymore
information. Uh....are you unsatisfied
people part of Hoppy's PR???