It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-24 05:58:21 (UTC)

help me jesus, help me clean my wounds

i don't see the world through blood shot eyes. im
straight edge.
i was just reading the diary of...i don't know her
name, she always ends each entry with "~L". i think the
diary owner is weezer2080. she's really smart. i think my
brain is on overload. she just says so much by saying as
little as possible. every line was interesting. i didn't
understand parts of it, but it all came together from
further reading. im not that smart but i can figure
something out when i need to. this chick just blew my mind.
that hasn't happened to me like ever. i know dave did it
once. i forgot what for. he was sad i think.
i have no shirt on right now, and im purusing my
room for a wife beater, but i don't think i have one in
here. i don't know what to say. i had a little list in my
mind of shit i wanted to talk about. something about a
pillar. something like, "no matter how many friends you
have, if your the pillar for all of them, you'll be at your
loneliest when you really need them." i suppose she's
right...well, she was quoting one of her friends on that.
but i think he's right...i think that's what i think. not
sure. im wearing a hat right now. that pillar thing. i
think i want to keep my emotions bottled up. or i just do
for no reason. i think i keep them bottled in? do i? my
head is such a mess. i don't know.
sun shining, sun shining down, on a cloudy day. i
feel buzzed. drugs. im straight edge. jesse michaels.
classics of love. common rider and operation ivy. i know
this songs gonna last forever. keep reading? write. right.
heart on my sleeve. pink triangle on the sleeve. lesbian.
so you feed me shit to digest? i don't need to be. joey h.
vanessa, ill see her tomorrow. jermaine is leaving. rich
leaves later. dave and laura gone. dead to cry. i don't
care, if indeed i cared at all. my flaws are open season.
jesus, won't you please help me clean my wounds. that'd be
a cool ending, with the same way i started. monday morning
sucks. where's kristen? why did she have to go to school in
central michigan? andrea. i wanted love. giulia, fuck.
laura my love. dave my boy. rich my friend. tom, who? which
tom. jessica, i will have her. body. sex. pussy. intercourse
ramblin. lord i was born a rambling man. playing in
a traveling band. just playing in the band. back hurts,
sittying weird. reading? confused are you? i can explain.
dont' want to.girls. guys. girls, girls, girls. just wanna
have fun. knock it down. your my butterfly, sugar baby.
ozzfest. travis matt and jay. matt lane. jay, cable guy.
comcast arena. IWR. josh movado. virgin. me. drink. jack
daniels. drunk, i wanna. girl did this to me.