Nicky's World
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2002-08-24 05:20:31 (UTC)


this week has surly picked up. starting to have homework
and all that lovely junk.

there are these two guys in my speech class that i just
might take a likeing to. there really funny. i have noticed
that humor is the key to my heart. not really but if you
want to be my man you have got to be funny cause to me if
your not funny your boring. i know i'm weird.

this year i have got THE most awsome teachers! i'm so
happy. they can acually teach. most of my teachers i have
had in the past have not been very good and i didn't learn
anything from them. but this year i can tell i'm going do
very good. my u.s. history teacher is the BEST he's really
interesting when he teaches and it makes you WANT to learn.
i hope i get teachers like this next semester.

i went to the mall today with jennifer. we walked around
for a while. we saw mendy she was like pissed off at shane
and stuff. i thought it was funny. then me a jenn. saw a
movie called blood work it was pretty good in my opinion. i
think everyone and their momma was at the mall tonight i
saw like everyone. it was fun stuff.

this guy asked me for my phone number too. i wornder if
he'll call. i hope he's not a stalker guy. lol.

yearbook staff is the bomb. i'm having so much fun with
that! i love it! school is great! i hope it stays like this
for the whole year!

well i love you guys but i have got to go.

oh yeah i saw maria and she said that andrew was doing
really good in the army and stuff. i miss my andrew(tears)
i wish i could see him(more tears)

later G dogg.

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